Booking Request

Also known as the SHIPPERS or SENDERS details.
Your first or nick name, or the individual whom we are COLLECTING from.
Your Surname, or the individual whom we are COLLECTING from.
Required so that we can send a copy of the booking form to you.
Street Address where we need to collect from.
Your Order Number(s) that apply to the request. For reference only.
Please make sure that Frozen and Fresh goods are issued on separate orders and booking instructions.
Company or place we are delivering to.
Person whom will be receiving the goods.
And their last name.
Please provide the full address for the DELIVERY of the goods here.
Their Mobile Number.
If we are delivering to Freight Forwarding Company, please supply their Waybill or Booking Numbers. If to final destination, please enter N.A.
Any special instructions that apply to the collect, order or delivery of the goods.
The number of boxes or pieces we are COLLECTING from you for your order that applies to this DELIVERY request.
The total weight for this DELIVERY.

Terms, Conditions and Contract Acceptance

Please clearly indicate the service your require.
Applicable to Dedicated Service Requests only.
Please complete the equation.
Please sign the request with your initials and surname. By signing this request, you confirm that you will be liable for all the costs associated with this request.

Please read our Terms and Conditions before submitting your request.