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Why partner for deliveries?

Looking for a frozen food courier service in Gauteng? Why not give us a call! We offer haulage, transport, overnight, pallet, sub-zero courier services across Gauteng. If you need a reliable, affordable and local courier service, we are your van and man. Professional, local refrigerated, courier services, top courier offerings, top 10 courier company to deliver your parcel or pallet.

Booking and Billing Examples

Thank you for choosing us! Below are a couple of scenarios to help explain how our rates will be applied to your request. Freight Forwarding (Originating in Gauteng) You need to ship something to Cape Town or Durban, and your freight forwarder does not offer small load collection (or delivery) facilities in Gauteng. You have […]

Do Call Us!

If you have need for a small food parcel courier services in Gauteng, we are your team! We operate within Gauteng Province daily. We have three (3) trucks fitted with sub-zero freezer units, each legally rated for 1200 kilograms of load. The freezers can operate from – 20 deg Celsius to zero deg Celsius, and […]